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Using Porticor with Amazon VPC

Porticor VPD now fully supports Amazon's VPC technology. Your Porticor appliance will be deployed alongside your application servers, and will provide your VPC applications with full data layer security, protecting disk volumes, databases and object (S3) storage.

This is a quick start guide to Porticor in Amazon's VPC. For a more detailed description, see Setting up a Porticor Appliance in Amazon VPC

When using the Quick Launch wizard to deploy a Porticor appliance, you just need to specify the subnet where your application servers are, and we will deploy the appliance in that same subnet. You can find your subnet names in the Amazon Console’s VPC tab.


The alternative is the Advanced Launch option, where you launch the appliance using Amazon’s Instance Launch wizard. Here, you will receive a long string of characters which you need to copy-and-paste into the Amazon Wizard’s User Data text box. Then, start the instance as usual and let the Porticor wizard know what IP address it received.


In both cases you need to ensure:
  • That your new virtual appliance can connect to the Internet (outbound connectivity) as soon as it starts.
  • That your browser can communicate to servers on the VPC subnet. This is normally the case, as long as the VPC has been set up correctly (see Amazon’s instructions). Otherwise, or if you are just experimenting with VPC, you may want to deploy a software VPN to connect to the VPC subnet.